Monday, June 21, 2010

A Name and Some New Nursery Bedding

So a few weeks ago we chose a name for our new baby girl! After MUCH thought we have decided on :

Lilly Emma Lane

The way Ava says 'baby lilly' is so ridiculously cute and maybe even part of the reason we love it :) We don't have any real reason for choosing Lilly other than we just like it - the spelling is the same as the logo for Lilly Pulitzer (clothing line) such a cute logo!

 We liked Emma also but a little to close to our nieces name for a first name we thought ;) Emma is also one of my favorite characters from Jane Austen. 

Also, I picked out some new baby bedding for Lilly - o.k. so I knew what the baby bedding would be before we knew if we had a girl...BUT I am really sure about it now! It is Maria's Flowers from Land of Nod designed by artist Maria Carluccio.

on yellow

on red

on pink

on purple

Just different enough from Ava's bedding to be fun and new but still very girly and quilted and toddler friendly too. I think I will just go with a twin quilt this time because I know that most likely Lilly will be in a twin trundle bed before two (her room is smaller than Ava's so she won't be able to do a full bed like Ava has). Also, I never used Ava's baby quilt for anything other than hanging on the side of her crib. The other thing I am debating about is the bumper because I had to take it out of Ava's crib at about 7 months when she started pulling up on the crib's sides and then using the bumper to stand on.

 I think a great thrifty idea for a nursery if you are watching the $$ is to splurge on or register for a twin size quilt you totally love and hang it folded on the side of the crib and then buy the sheets, bumper, and skirt from somewhere inexpensive like Target in coordinating colors or prints. You can use the twin quilt for a long, long time even when your child moves to a larger bed. 

So what do you like the best on yellow, on red, on purple, or on pink? It will be white on the top with a white chair rail so we need to pick one of these colors for under the chair rail! 
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