Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ava's New Bedroom - Toddler Bedroom

This is Ava's old room - it changed a bit from these over almost two years - this is from before she was born hence the bassinet (that went in our room) in the middle of the room, etc. But you get the idea. Lots of pink, lots of Penelope from Pottery Barn Kids - I might have made more stuff for Ava's room but we have a big generous family that sent lots of furniture and PBK accessories ;) I think we got a package everyday for three months before she was born. (note: you can always click on a photo to see it larger)



The new room has the same basic accessories but new furniture and bigger bedding. We are all LOVING the full sized bed with nice new mattress. A place for guests plus it is so much easier for one person to lay with Ava when she is having a tough night than to take her to our bed where it is uncomfortable and she is super restless. 

Still not done in the new room - lining on the closet curtains; make a flag garland to go over the closet; finding a big message board to go over the play kitchen; moving the curtains and rods - waiting to find out the sex of #2 before we move those though.

See besides really needing curtains up, I need something over the famous kitchen...I think a big message board will be perfect, we can fill it with art and pictures of family. I love the cute steps that go to her bed and seriously how much do you wish you had that tent in your room when you were growing up!

Once the curtains are lined and I make a really cute flag pennant the closet will be adorable. Most of her toys are organized in her closet on shelves so the curtains are better than a door. 

Ava is setting up the cutest lunch for her dolls 'Chloe' and 'Mary'... it is so fun to watch her pretend with her dolls, even though she isn't always very nice to them ;)

Those pink frames over the dresser are so cute because they have pockets in the back where you can slide kids art without taking them down. 

At some point when I wasn't looking Ava started watching some Qik videos of herself on the iPhone... she can seriously do more than I can with it...thanks to the Cupcake app I think...
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