Saturday, January 23, 2010

Play Kitchen - Handmade by us for our one year old to read all about it
This is a play kitchen we recently built four our daughter as a Christmas present. We used a raw wood craft shelf with pegs from Michael's Craft Store for the top and a square cube with a door also from Michael's for the oven. I found a little craft shelf that we incorporated into the top, but it would have probably been just as easy to build that part! The rest we built from a package of tongue and groove panel that we purchased at Lowe's. We used a piece of thin wood that looks like butcher block for the top - also found at Lowe's in the lumber section.

The most complicated parts were routering the countertop and finding the faucets! I ended up with antique faucets from ebay. I had trouble finding something really affordable that would turn and be appropriate for the small kitchen, the ones we ended up with were perfect!


The little stove burners are craft wood circle's from Michael's and JoAnne's all in the raw wood area.
I sewed some pot holders and curtains from fabric scraps.


The microwave, toaster, shopping cart, fabric tea set, and puffy dolls are all from pottery barn kids. Isn't the rocker outfit on the doll awesome - kudos to my mother in law!


The adorable hand crocheted veggies and fruit in the eco-friendly shopping tote were all hand-made by my daughter's great aunt.


Cupcakes, baking stuff, and dishes are from Target - all practically free on clearance after christmas. The pots and pans are from Toys-r-us.


We have tried to avoid plastic wherever possible and we are planning to add some more wood food from Melissa and Doug and HABA. I think she would also love a wooden stand mixer because I use mine quite a bit and she is enchanted with it.

Well that's it! What do you think?

Upgrades in the works include a wire shelf and a light in the oven. I can see adding a refrigerator when she gets a little older. Lots more photos up in my flickr stream - check out the widget in the upper left of the site for the link.


  1. seriously amazing! i wish you would make these to order.

  2. I had recently seen some of these kitchens remade from old t.v. housing units, but this is extraordinary! Thanks for the how-to.

  3. I think this is adorable. I had one when I was a little girl that my father made. The best thing is that it is made to last and one of your daughters could happily keep it for her daughters. Truly lovely. Thanks for showing us this wonderful project for your daughters.

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  6. About how much did it cost you to make this? It is precious!

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