Monday, May 24, 2010

Countdown 10 days to the BIG ultrasound

So 10 days till we find out the sex of  baby #2. My mom, who is what I like to call 'gender obsessed', wants to know what I think the sex of the baby is pretty much from conception. I was born 'way back' in 1981 before ultrasounds and my mom was so convinced I was a boy she bought boy clothes and decorated my entire room in blue and brown - "lucky" for her she found out at her 6-week postpartum appointment she was pregnant with my brother so I only had 10 months or so in the blue room before the birth of a boy was confirmed. Another "funny" note is that after this 6-week time span my mom didn't get pregnant again until I was almost 17 years old!

PHOTO: Ava checking out some of the baby gear we pulled out of the attic to see if it was still alive - this PBK moses basket was so huge compared to her 21 months ago. 

This time everyone seems to want to know if I have a 'sense' of what the baby is - even my doctor! My husband and his siblings have thus far all produced girls (impressively adorable ones) but ALL girls! So I might be feeling a smidge like the wife of an English monarch ;)

Honestly I have no feeling at all about the gender of the little human kicking around in my belly and I would be equally excited about a girl or boy and I felt the same way before we found out last time. Lucky for us  my husband wouldn't mind a whole house full of girls and so it will just be pure joy either way. Even though I will say we have a massive baby clothes exodus on the horizon if we are having a boy.

In other news -
I am 18 weeks today and can feel #2 kicking away all the time now. This baby is much more active than Ava. We saw that in our first two ultrasounds as well.

I have a Charles post coming - I have been avoiding writing it sheerly because of not wanting to evaluate it - but it will make the hair stand up on your arms.

Ava is at maximum cuteness lately and her recently onset extreme stranger shyness is really tempering her independent nature at least in public - which is really nice! I took her to get all my prenatal blood tests done today - an hour in the waiting room - and she held onto my skirt for dear life and colored in my lap the entire time - a BIG thanks to all the weird strangers in the waiting room for controlling my child!

PHOTO: At H&M 'mine purses'
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