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What am I doing here anyway?

Writing helps me solidify beliefs, celebrate life, capture moments and work through my drama ... overall making me a better person and hopefully making up for the fact that I never finished a baby book. 

Sharing products, recipes, crafts and DIY ideas I think will be useful to other people or just to create a logical excuse for spending an enormous amount of time making something I probably didn't need or could have bought (see, because I did it for 'the blog'). Equally as important is cataloging and organizing the ideas for myself. (Now I just use Pinterest for that crossed out bit.) Also, this is "clearly" a lot like a major Women's magazine, sometimes that is, when I want to pretend to be a magazine editor in a very 17-year-old girl sort of way. So when you see some of my early $1 makeup posts just remember I was fulfilling a lifelong dream people! 

I haven't really managed to make any real money from nestbliss (the little bit I have made has gone back into the blog basically), but lets face it I wouldn't be against it. Finally, "in full disclosure", I do run Blogher ads on my blog. It is a great network because those little links below the ad that take you to other blog posts each day sometimes feature my posts as well which brings lots of readers to my blog. I might from time to time participate in sponsored opportunities. If I do this I will always make it obvious by adding a disclosure note or a ‘#ad’ hashtag on a social media post. As a former marketing professional understanding how ad networks operate and how bloggers promote campaigns has been invaluable to me. Blogher kicked me out for rarely posting, really a legitimate reason. I have noticed all my fav big bloggers have stopped running their ads now, clearly in solidarity with me. So now look at how ad-free my blog is, I should get one of those 'no ads on blogs ever' banners for my site. Ya know until someone else wants to paypal me money to sell lotion/crafts/other non-political items in a tiny box in my side bar then i'll have to replace it with an ad ;) 

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