Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Choices - Making Brave Choices

"So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that life's a great balancing act." - Dr. Suess 

So far in our lives most of the doors before us have seemed pretty obvious. There was that one choice regarding whether to keep my teaching job (summers off, decent pay, security) OR to take the Museum job - but I honestly just loved the museum and could see some trouble on the horizon for the school system so even though it wasn't black and white -  it wasn't really hard either. Plus, I felt like if it I wanted to turn back toward teaching it would have been fairly easy considering my willingness to work in low-income schools and my very positive reviews and connections.

Our choices lately have been harder. Complicated by children and assets and emotion. Sometimes the right path isn't clear or there are several really good paths to chooses from - usually one is much riskier than the others - but risk is really all a matter of perspective. Perspective is the tricky animal that really complicates decision making for me. I mean almost anything can seem right depending on how you look at it!

So we pray, seek wise counsel, make lists, add a magic 8 ball app to the iPhone, play several rounds of rock, paper, scissors, and then wait it out for some clarity. The older I get, I find that when I am faced with a tough choice my initial reaction isn't usually dependable. Usually my first reaction is emotion based, lately, probably because of the pregnancy, it is heavy in fear and worry. But even if was total excitement - I believe you really have to give the idea enough time for all that emotion to melt back. That is when you can really be objective and BRAVE. Because the one thing I ALWAYS find myself forgetting is that the best choices take a fair amount of bravery.

So an fyi note to myself about choices would be something like:
1. If a feeling of fear is holding you back from making a choice you haven't found your clarity about it yet.
2. Making brave, bold choices that you feel solidly good about leaves very little room for regret - even if down the road things get off track from how you envisioned them playing out.
3. You can plan for the future by creating some safety nets but you can't control it or predict it - you have to focus in on the 'right now'.
4. Be grateful for the opportunity to evaluate the big picture of your life! Be grateful for new paths and options because so many people feel stuck 'in a slump'.
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