Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some things I am thinking about right now

So due again to MORE technical and toddler difficulties I have to postpone my toddler / infant skinny jean post until tomorrow but it will be good!

Here are some things I am thinking about today -
1. Still thinking about wood food and DIY toys - I forsee a market in the furture - there are so many good ideas on flickr

2. Thinking about how much Ava loves these owls her Grandma sent her just after she was born - funny how out of all of her stuffed animals she loves these very handmade looking owls the best. She sleeps with the green one, it is so silly and huge. I would post a picture but Ava isn't at the age where you sneak in and take sleeping pictures of her.

3. Thinking about how long I waited before sharing this blog with my family and friends and how supportive everyone has been with all the nice Facebook comments and emails. I have really fabulous women in my life - really!

4. Thinking about my husband's birthday this weekend - he works so hard and wants nothing. Ava and I are a little very high maintenance and he is so low maintenance. I know I am making him a carrot cake (joy of cooking recipe) but otherwise it is always so tough to figure out what he really wants - when I look at the husband gift lists on the blogs I read it makes me laugh - thinking about getting him something like a leather bracelet from Etsy is hilarious!

5. Thinking about my friends and family going through personal struggles - thankfully our big ones have just ended and we are feeling refreshed, safe, and grateful. I think keeping your head up and your shoulders high and just focusing on the things that are good is all you can really ever do. I promise soon I will buy a big full-bleed logophilia poster, because they are so happy and such good reminders of being positive.


  1. I WANT A POSTER!!!!!!
    Get joe a bracelet. It'll be good for him.

  2. Hi there, this is SG from apartment thereapy! You left a comment on my GOOD QUESTION post & mentioned that your living room had a similar set up. Do you happen to have any pictures online of your living room and its layout? Thanks so much!!


  3. I'm thrilled you like my prints. Thanks for the terrific compliment of posting about them!

  4. Michelle - for real buy one - the are so affordable!
    Shunta - I don't have any yet, new to this whole blogging thing but I will put some on flickr and message you when I do.
    Sparks- haha yay I am so excited you saw! and you should re-vive your blog


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