Monday, January 25, 2010

MY "wardrobe redux"

So I saw this post on moderneve a while back and thought - o.k. I am going to do this! Basically you are using a master list (below) to pare down your closet, weed out the junk and then identify weak spots.

I can forsee some problems right away like having way too many of some items (black pants) and hardly any of the others (the jacket / blazer category) but I just plan on ending up with a wish-list to keep in my purse to help steer my shopping. I end up with so many of the same type of clothes because they are easy to buy and easy to find on sale.

Oh and if I could throw out my whole wardrobe and replace it - everything new would be from Anthropologie - seriously. Have you seen the new '50's proper' line?

What is missing in your closet? What do you have way too many of?


  1. oh i need to do this. all i have is maternity. 3yr old maternity that i've worn 3yrs in a row. but since i stay at home with the kids all day, i think i might need to alter the list some....i need something to put on in the morning other than sweats and a tank top. or, maybe i just need new and cute sweats and tank top! glad you posted this....every woman, i would think, needs this!

  2. btw, you should take a pic of YOUR closet and when you go through it....i think that would be interesting! i would like to see what you keep and what you get rid of!

  3. When I got that catalogue in the mail, I thought, "I am going to get a job and buy EVERYTHING in it." I got a job, but haven't made any purchases yet (LOL). I like your wardrobe post... I need to clean out!

  4. haha I have a job too and can't ever find a way to justify $100 shirts...ah well.

    Will for sure post pics of my progress and my to buy list.


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