Thursday, January 28, 2010

skinny jeans for you and your toddler

*** Update the Wall Street Journal covered the blog post here - online on 8/11 in the paper on 8/12!
**Better pics of Ava in her skinny jeans here  and here on Flickr

So Michelle, my fabulous Texas friend occasionally breaks away from her 3 kids under 3 years of age to put a box in the mail for my daughter of some hand-me-down clothes. This time in the box there were TWO pairs of toddler skinny jeans in hot pink and bright green. Ava has gotten so many compliments on them that I had to share!  Apparently, she is starting a fashion trend because three other lucky toddlers have pairs now after seeing her in them. Ava's are from Carter's but I have been told that Baby Gap and Baby Gap outlet are the only place not online carrying them now for girls under 2.

So here is my munchikin in her green skinny jeans - very long story about why these are so horrible and fuzzy - I think Ava's head is actually distorted they are so bad. She has a little room to grow into them actually!

And here is Michelle's middle child London just after he turned one in the boy version of skinny jeans from Target. Obviously she was not having technical difficulties when taking this picture :)

 This got me thinking, if Ava looks good in skinny jeans with her chunky legs and diaper butt, then maybe I should stop shunning them. So I tried some on today on my way home from work. Still not working for me, they just make my hips look really wide. I know if I had on knee high boots then they would work but is that really the point of skinny jeans - how do you know they are skinny if they are shoved in a knee-high boot?

So in conclusion - Skinny Jeans = no for me. Skinny Jeans = yes for toddlers, both boys and girls.

More on the skinny jean fad from Pink Cupcake Vintage.

What do you think - are skinny jeans for your toddler?

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  1. wow! ava = adorable!!!!! yay! london made your blog ;) and YOU....omg! you look great in those jeans! i love the wash? can you say where from? they really look HOTT! wear them with those ballet flats and a long HAVE to! jealous.


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