Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby & Toddler Fashion Inspiration Sources & Designer Discount Sale Event Clubs

So, buying baby and toddler clothes as we all know is very, very fun! I was recently asked why I thought I put so much time into Ava's clothes and I thought well because it is 'fun!' but there must be a little more to it because if my husband dresses her for school in something that I think isn't quite right I will change her clothes ;)

I noticed over time that the only retail choices are fairly boring and that I had to resort to mixing basics from Target and Old Navy with more exclusive online retail lines to find really cute looks for Ava - especially the older she gets! When you walk through major retailers it seems like all toddler's wear are shorts and screen print t-shirts mixed with some dressy special occasion clothes - haha which is probably true for most kids! Ava on the other hand wears mostly dresses, skirts, and outfits made up of mixed pieces. When she does wear shorts I would say the top is usually something really cute.

So when I am trying to find new clothes and looks for Ava these are the places where I head for inspiration:

* The online magazines online magazines Small and Papier Mache - seriously if this is all you did you would be golden ;)

* Blogs like Design Mom (search 'new-to-me line') and my friend Nada Manely's blog beautymommy

*Retail sites like Crew Cuts -'s kids line has a great 'look' section or Baby Gap has top trends. Also, Tea Collection has a very fun blog.  H&M's website (photo above) is awesome. There are a few good online boutiques (like Poppy and Clementine) and once you find a few brands you like their retail sites are good sources for tons of cute photos - for example I am loving some of the photos at Right Bank Babies.

Finally, a huge source of inspiration comes from the designer sale clubs that send you emails each day with their new sales. There are awesome deals on designer kids clothes, much cheaper than you could even buy used on ebay like halabaloo and luna luna. I also think that it would be really hard to discover these designer brands otherwise, so these sites kind of do the shopping for you. Most of the deals will end up similarly priced to Gymboree or Janie and Jack which is pretty good considering they are so much cuter! Thanks to my mother-in-law and friend Nada these are the children's ones I am currently subscribed to: (just one item per day at 11am ET)  (just one item per day at 11am ET)

Another post by me on toddler clothes here :)

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