Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Wall Street Journal Appearance

Well people it happened! While they didn't mention the blog at all the Wall Street Journal did in fact write an entire article about skinny jeans for toddlers and babies and they sent a photographer to MY HOUSE to photograph me and Ava for the paper. It publishes tomorrow but is online tonight! Yay!

My comments:

1. The seriousness of some parts of the article and Ava's serious face in the photo is funny but I guess not surprising considering it is an article in the WSJ on toddler skinny jeans ;) The photo above cracks me up! Did I ever mention that my kiddo will do just about anything you ask her to in a photo shoot? :)

2. Ugh my face in the photo is bizarre and you can't tell I am 7 months pregnant - oh well - still fun and worth it! I think I am trying to get her legs into the jeans but I could also have been just talking. I wish I could show you the rest of the photos though we got some amazing ones. Fingers crossed I will be able to get the CD of them.

3. Two of Ava's skinny jeans were gifts and the other two were purchased in a buy one get one for $10 promo - just for ya know the financial record ;)

4. How it happened: The writer was doing research for the story and came across this blog post I had done about Ava wearing skinny jeans, she emailed me, then called me, then I sent some photos of Ava for the article and they decided to send a photographer to my house Monday, then today I got a call they were publishing the story tomorrow morning on the cover of the lifestyles section! Cool and a little surreal all at the same time!

Here are some photos my husband took while the WSJ photographer was at our house, which can I mention she was so great and Ava had seriously SO MUCH FUN (they are blurry because we set the shutter speed etc. so it wouldn't mess up what she was doing).

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