Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to wear in your third trimester

I have been thinking quite a bit about what to wear since I am definitely showing now! (Post HERE from when I was not showing.) First of all I get in a real slump during the third trimester, I feel chubby and hungry - not a great combo. It is hard also for me to purchase maternity clothing knowing that really I will only be buying it to wear for 2.5 months and there is a chance that what I buy now won't even work by October. So here is what I am wearing in my 3rd trimester.

1. Borrowed pants and shorts! Thanks to my friend Michelle who sent me tons of shorts and pants. I was getting to the point where I was going to have to break down and buy a couple of things until her box came ;) Some people actually buy maternity clothes - find those people - ask them to let you borrow their pants!

(photo - cardigan from tjmax non-maternity; layered one med. and one large white camis from old navy - I got them during their $2 cami sale the last weekend of July; borrowed crop jeans ;)

2. Cardigans: I still wear all of my medium sized cardigans from pre-pregnancy and most with regular tanks under them just a larger size than I would usually wear. I can wear light-weight cardigans in Florida all year so buying extra right now really is a good investment. H&M has the cutest sleeveless ones that look really nice over the right layered top. I can't find the links to them online but I am sure you have seen them everywhere!

3. Layered tank tops and thin t-shirts: Just need some larger ones over your pre-maternity ones. Very good for keeping everything smooth.

4. The right black skirt and black pants for the season and where you live. I think even stay at home mom's need a cute pair of black pants and a skirt but these are absolute musts if you work. I can make lots of different pre-pregnancy tops work still at this point and I have no problem with wearing the same pants and skirts with different tops over and over. This black cotton skirt from NY&Co is absolutely fabulous - I bought it in a large and just don't fold the top down.

(photo: maxi dress and cardigan from New York Co.)

5. Maxi Dress: These may or may not be uber flattering but I can still wear all of my maxi dresses in the same size as pre-maternity so I feel like they are a good investment. With the right cardigan they are perfect for my work. 

6. Assets Marvelous Mama Unbelievable Underwear.  No, no not for everyday but if you have portraits or a special occasion where you have to wear some of your stretchy, clingy, maternity gear you'll want to be smooth and these are much more comfy than typical spanx. Did I mention yet that being 'smooth' looking is my number one goal at this point? Even if you are being basically conservative with your diet and not laying around all day, you still have only so much control over how big you are going to get during pregnancy. The weather, water retention, genetics and swelling are all things you can only have so much sway over. But anyone can look basically smooth with the right underwear and layers. Oh and at my local Target all Assets Maternity are on clearance for 50% off!
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