Friday, August 6, 2010

Dora Party Part 1 or Best Decorated Sugar Cookies and Glaze ever ;)

So Ava had a great second birthday this past weekend. Her family loves her so much that we had 18 out of town guests and no one had a shorter drive than 7 hours and some as long as 12. I will post some pics this week of the actual party but we made some cookies that were so good and I thought you might like my pointers on them and the recipes!

First, ours (I say ours because about 4 people worked on these cookies) were big colored stars with faces that looked like the stars in Dora the Explorer. Second, they were the best hands down in way of ease to work with and also in taste of any homemade decorated cookies I have had. Finally, they were better the second day and they are still good about a week later - which is about when I will stop eating them, but my husband will of course continue to eat them until they are gone!

I used to find the recipes for both the glaze and the cookies and followed both of the recipes exactly with the exception of using milk instead of water in the glaze which makes it have a more opaque and less shiny look but possibly tastes a tiny bit better.

Cookie Recipe HERE 
(over 3,000 good reviews)

Glaze Recipe HERE

My Glaze Notes: The glaze recipe only made enough for about 6 of my cookies and if you are really picky about the colors being exact you might want to start with a double recipe to make sure you don't run out and have to re-mix. We used Wilton icing color gel to color the glaze and the purple was a challenge and required lots of color and double dipping. My sister-in-law, Casie, did the faces and she used Wilton decorator gels. We dipped the face of the cookies in the glaze but of course you can paint it on or whatever you want for more elaborate Christmas designs etc. The glaze takes about 4 hours to fully dry before you can do anything else to the cookies, so that is important to keep in mind.

I can't wait to make these for Christmas!

Dora the Explorer Party Part II Here
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