Monday, August 9, 2010

Some stuff I am loving: organic candy, dye-free sorbet bars, and a new toddler leak-free cup!

Snapple Sorbet Bars - No artificial flavors or colors. No high fructose corn syrup and made with real sugar. They are very yummy and since the packages are still colored Ava can still pick out her color and usually mine also ;) We were in a bad place because regular Popsicles leave dye every wear (as in staining Ava's skin!) and Ava would have to be strapped into her booster seat and stripped down in order to eat one. These are just the right size for her to carry around and I am not really worried about her getting them on her clothes etc. since the ice pop itself is dye-free. Oh and did I mention they are 10 for $1 at our grocery stores! UPDATE - ** Several of you have emailed me about where to get these - I got mine at Winn-Dixie but I have seen them at other big grocery stores - at Winn-Dixie they stock them by the Crystal Light and other drink mixes - un-refrigerated & kind of a strange place since they have the other huge boxes of ice pops on big end-caps and in the freezer section. **

YummyEarth Organic Lollipops - Lollipops are totally magical for toddlers and these are very, very tasty! Plus they are - "Organic; allergen-free; gluten-free; GMO-free; egg-free; soy-free; nut-free; casein-free; dairy-free. All-natural with fruit extracts; red cabbage and purple carrots for color; no artificial dyes or flavors." Now doesn't that make you feel so much better about keeping a whole bunch of these in your purse? YummyEarth makes gummy bears and other candy as well.

Finally, these are all the rage in my family! Nalgene Tritan Grip-n-Gulp Bottle - These do not spill (better than any other brand we have tried, and we have LOTS of cups!). You can buy them online or for about $7 at Target in the sports bottle section (by camping) even though I can't find them at They come in a bunch of colors, even though the link above is to the pink one. Seriously, do you have a kid under 4 or so? Oh then you need one! I think from about one Ava could have used this cup and since it doesn't look like a baby cup older kids can use it for a spill-free bottle as well. Plus it is so cute with Ava's bumpy name label on it!

I have been meaning to blog about this stuff for a while! Hope it is helpful to some of you!
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