Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What makes you feel safe?

With all the uproar around here with the not sleeping and the you know what (still all in full gear btw) I have been thinking about things that make me feel safe. Because so often I think of things that make me feel un-safe when I consider what is bothering Ava, I rarely participate in actively considering ways to counteract those feelings. To clarify a little I would consider feeling general feelings of nervousness or un-ease to be in the 'un-safe' category.

Things that make me feel safe:
My husband
My toddler
Soft Blankets - Ava identifies blankets in the house as 'mommy's' and take them away from Joe if he uses them ;)
Being Warm - I hate being cold, lucky I live in Central Florida right?
Activity in the house - TV going, lamps on, something cooking, people chatting
Perfect atmosphere - ya know clean comfy rooms that smell good and are just exactly the way you want them
Good movies and good music
My fav TV shows (this is where you where you get an explanation for that Gilmore Girl's picture above)
Certain smells - Coffee percolating, good candles burning, warm bread or sweets baking
Certain sounds - the shower running, humming of the a/c or heat (nice for our electrical bill right), fire burning
Christmas Decorations
Clean warm sheets and towels

What makes you feel safe?
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