Thursday, April 15, 2010

The paranormal and not sleeping or blogging or such

So I have not been blogging or sleeping or getting my mandatory alone time either. This is how it all started a few days ago Ava refused to take a nap - she has always (well after the whole newborn colic thing) been a good napper. Excellent napper. But she would not take a nap - she just kept getting out of bed and SCREAMING, I rocked her to sleep, but still every time her head hit the pillow SCREAMING, get up bang on her door till I couldn't stand it and over again.

So I gave up - no nap - Ava's really a beast with no nap - bad day.

So here comes sweet precious bed time that day - and same exact deal after an hour of crazyness I layed her down in our bed where she laughed and was happy. Joe was working really late and we were alone and it was very quiet and after a few minutes Ava points to our closet and says 'I see a girl'...I think creepy and tell her to 'go to sleep'...few seconds later 'there is a girl'...hmmm like a poltergeist girl or an angel girl I wonder wide awake in the dark, but again I say go to sleep and turn her on her side - ya know away from the apparition. So then like 3 to 5 mins go by, me wide awake waiting for her to fall asleep and thinking about the dead girl. Then she says 'Hi Girl' - and that REALLY freaks me out! So I tell her to stop talking to the girl and that seems to work and eventually she fell asleep.

So for the last three nights, and even now as I type this same deal - scream, scream me put to bed or rock, scream, scream - eventually me cave take her to bed. Last night she told me in a crying fit that she wanted to go to our room with the girl - we have not talked about the girl in any way so she is just coming up with this freaky stuff all on her own. Well I thought at least we know the girl isn't a poltergiest, right? I apparently have an angel or something in my room - lucky me - right??

Ok have to go and rock or put to bed my screaming toddler

Really want to write about some of the cool stuff we have been up to... ah well...I have all kinds of angels and babies to deal with.
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