Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPhone day 1 - the apps

Alright, don't worry I will be right back to blogging about holidays, clothes, toddlers and whatever else I blog about tomorrow but for today lets indulge just one more iPhone post ;) And here is another post without photos again...

Here's what I put on the phone:

All Recipes Pro - Seriously probably the reason I ever wanted an iPhone in the first place. Unbelievably useful AND fun - basically your best friend at the grocery store. I am a big All fan anyway.

RedLaser - My second favorite app, you can scan any barcode and it will show you everywhere you can buy it online and near your location sorted by lowest prices first and it works on really obscure things. How crazy is it to be at Target and before you buy something double check to make sure it isn't WAY cheaper somewhere else??

Scribble and Voice Cards - Both for Ava. The voice cards are cool because I can record her voice saying the item and that is fun and adorable!

Weight Watchers - The complete online weight watchers site customized for iPhone - kind of amazing really

Four Square - So I can check into places like restaurants and attractions and become the 'mayor' of the museum I work so far, not sure how far I will really get into it though

Shazam - Ya know the one where you hold your phone up to music - got some of my co-workers to sing to the phone today - didn't work for that though ;)

Urban Spoon (thanks to lori) - so fun and exactly up my alley

iHandy Level - You have no idea how often I need a level at work

Skype, Facebook & Phone Flicks (for Netflix)

I haven't used them yet but I also downloaded photogene and Words (free one because I don't even really know what it does yet)

TO DO / Considering:
Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals
Musee Du Louvre (free, just huge so you need to be on your home wi-fi or hook it up to your computer)
Star Walk (really fun way to hold your phone to the sky and have it zoom in or take you to the future sky!)

Any more fun ones that I need???
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