Friday, April 30, 2010

A long but juicy post - pregnancy, paranormal, life, sleeping, forgiveness etc.

I love this blog. It is really fun and thanks to everyone for all your emails of encouragement! I am glad that now that a few things are 'out' and settled I can get back to work here ;) And since I haven't posted in TEN days - well this is about 4 posts in 1!

1. I am pregnant - 14.5 weeks and due 10/25! I know the vast majority of you already know this from Facebook this week (thanks for all the nice comments!) or you have known since the day the stick told me but for the few of you who only know me through the blog there it is! We are over the moon and as my doctor said when I delivered Ava "I am made for  making babies" so what I have experienced so far I would describe as a tiring but easy pregnancy, even easier than with Ava who will be two years and three months old at the birth of #2 (since I know you are all trying to do the math). It has been hard having such a big secret 'from the blog' because it is so on my mind and being restricted from writing about it makes writing hard!

2. Because a lot of you have asked for this update - we let Ava just sleep with us through this whole scared of my room biz and then we went on vacation after that so when we got back we put her new bed up in her new room (the old guest room). She seems to like it and doesn't seem scared to lay down alone but now she (of course) is getting 4 new teeth and so around 2am the past two nights she has started all kinds of wakeful crying and wanting us to lay with her, etc. etc. Which since we got her a super nice full size mattress isn't really that bad and it is SO wonderful that one person gets a break when there is night trouble. I actually think this will be a huge bonus when #2 comes along in October. I am definitely more of a scoop you to my bed person than a rock you for an hour person at 2am and I don't want Ava AND a baby in our bed!

(Ava in her new bed yelling at me because she is mad I am not reading to her)

3. We have been in a really terrible court battle for almost a year - we did nothing wrong, according to two courts - but that didn't stop us from a lot of lost nights of sleep and money! Well the last trial was this week and we won again! The other party can still continue to pursue us or our insurance company but it is doubtful we will see a court room again. We haven't talked about this situation to more than a handful of people, I honestly didn't have the energy to tell more people than I had to. I thought I would feel a huge relief this week but it was so terrible and draining to go through and be confronted with that I think it will take some time to feel anything but just glad I don't have to think about how I feel about it anymore! It was a really terrible thing that happened to us but from the second it happened I felt like things just fell right into line for us. In the words on a close friend 'this may be the hardest thing Joe and I ever have to go through and if so we should learn our lessons and feel blessed by the outcome'. Even though we are not feeling totally 'blessed' just yet, we are trying to process some forgiveness and get some lasting peace about it all of which I am sure will come.

4. O.K. on to something exciting and remember the paranormal post - which btw was written a little tongue and cheek BUT as factual and with as little evaluation on my part as possible ;)

O.K. so you know about my iPhone, right... well, there is this app that tracks paranormal activity and it is free and we had a long drive back from vacation last week sooo alas I downloaded it to my phone...BREAK here to explain something to you that you need to know before reading the rest of the post - we have some photos of dead relatives from around the turn of the century. The one above is of my grandfather's older brother 'Charles' that died when he was about 5 and my grandfather was about 3. This is the only photo I know of that exists of Charles and my grandparents gave it to Joe and I when they moved a couple of years ago. This always hung in my great grandmother's home and it reminds me of her. When we were cleaning out the guest room for Ava I took it down and hung it on a doorknob in the hallway outside of Ava's room. This was about a week before all the 'girl' talk started. And yes without 'evaluation' I can agree Charles looks very much like a girl here and is about the same age as Ava... Alright back to the story, so when we got home my husband was playing with the phone saw the ghost tracker app, turned it on and was walking through our house with it - just being a guy really. And seriously the first word it says AS HE PASSES THE PHOTO is 'Charles'...not even joking. After that we turned it off. So there you go people - without evaluation that is exactly what happened. 
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