Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple DIY Makeover Week: Bookshelves or Re-purposing an unused window

Last post! Well actually a few days late but oh well we had a BIG weekend - traveling and lots more!

Project 5 - Re-purposing an old window and built in bookshelves

This is what we had in our living room when we moved in. These grungy jalousie windows (to the left with the mini blinds) which looked right onto our master bedroom, which was actually at the time just an enclosed carpeted garage. 

Then we removed the windows lined the back with 2x4's, drywalled it and covered the bottom with tile. That gave us what we called the 'art nook' below. 

Then when Ava was born we did a lot of shifting and needed some serious space for books, so we lined the nook with three really long 2 x 10's supported by shorter 2 x 10's. Easy! Perfect! So much fun to switch up! The picture below doesn't show the whole thing but you get the drift. We had my friend Travis come by and take some photos of us for Christmas cards (which I never sent) it was raining so we took some at home, which turned out super cute!

Close up of the shelf so you can see how we did it. If you want actual instructions for the shelf let me know, but basically it is pretty simple framework done with a saw and a drill. 

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Done anything cool with a window space you didn't need?
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