Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anthropologie clothes for less than target clothes - cheap!

O.K. , first, these are not Anthropologie clothes but I swear they are of good quality and no one would know the difference! Their unique styles are very similar to things Anthropologie would carry. There are several sellers on Ebay that sell these clothes and throw in a free pair of Anthropologie earrings so that their clothes come up in Anthropologie searches. I have purchased a couple of things and my only comment would be that the bottoms seem to run a size small, but tops seem right on. The earrings that came with mine were adorable. There are several sellers that sell like this, just search 'Anthropologie Earrings' and scroll till you start seeing clothes, you will see their listings right away. Here are some items online now -

These below are great, maybe better than above but I can't copy the photos here (grrr) - 

Have any other cheap Anthro sources?
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