Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple DIY Home Makeover Week: Casters Make Everything Better

Project 4 – Casters Make Everything Better
So I have a belief: cool casters make most furniture better. You name it - dresser, table, sofa - it can be improved if you have 10 minutes and some cool casters. 
Fruit Crate on Wheels
(magazine holder or in our home baby push toy)
Coffee-Table Turned Play Table on Wheels 
(will post a how-to on this table next week - it has a cool surprise in the top)
I Have a Bunch of These Clear Casters Just Waiting Around for the Right Project is a good source for unique casters and is a good source for cheap casters. We get ours from various places for cheap. I buy cool knobs and casters on clearance and stock pile them until I find a use for them.  Finding clear or colored casters is exciting! If I wasn't driving to South Carolina right now I would run into our guest room and grab a photo of the blue wool chair we have with pewter casters on the feet. But, I guess you'll just have to believe me -  it is pretty great. 

Another cool thing about casters is they change the height of things. For example, the play table above needed to be a tad taller and those casters were perfect for that. Plus my toddler can now drag a large white coffee table around the house - awesome ;)
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Want More Caster Inspiration?
Apartment Therapy Caster Roundup

West Elm 'Castered' Book Shelf Via My Little Happy Place

Do you have casters on anything awesome?
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