Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY Home Makeover Week: Picture Ledge or Gallery Wall

Project 2 – Picture Ledge or Gallery Wall

First let’s just go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room.  Yes that is a giant box TV – really it is all my husband has in the world so let’s just pretend it is a small flat screen in a cute box that closes up, o.k.?

We needed something above the TV that felt like a mantle so this picture ledge was installed just after we moved in a few years ago. It is the number one thing people ask us how to do in our house (number 2 coming tomorrow).  

Obviously, there are loads of variations, if we had a big empty wall I would do three across the entire length of the wall and light it with gallery lights and go crazy changing it around all the time. I think Martha Stewart and Pottery Barn are good places for gallery wall inspiration. Right now ours is corralling our family photos but I can feel our collection of Japanese Wood Block Prints making their way there soon. I would also add that we have fun with ours and change it around; we could spend $$$ trying to create the perfect height and balance but then it would be way harder to justify changing out the photos on a regular basis. 

You need essentially three pieces of wood: a 1x2, a 1x3, and a 1x4.

1. Prime and paint or stain all the pieces after cutting them to the desired length, or having them cut down at the hardware store where you buy them.
2. Attach the 1x4 to the wall. You could use adhesive I suppose but I would recommend keeping in mind that this is holding heavy items with glass so we used wood screws.
2.  Screw the 1x3 horizontally into the top of the 1x4 to create a shelf – see photo for clarification.
3. Screw the 1x2 vertically to the front of the 1x3 to create a lip to hold your art – see photo for clarification.
4. Fill holes with wood filler and touch up with paint. 

DONE! Should take less than 2 hours and since you are buying existing cuts of lumber they will all be easy to find and cheap – ours cost about $10 total for all of the wood. 

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Has anyone else built something similar?
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