Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple DIY Home Makeover Week: Re-purposing Old Vintage Windows

Project 2 – Re-Purposing Old Vintage Windows

Do you love old windows? I do! Right before we got married in 2003 we purchased three old windows from a salvage store for $8 each. They have been lots of things for us. For a while they were just regular art on the wall, simply hanging in a row over a sofa. Then two were hinged together, painted black and put in front of a fireplace as a screen. You can sort-of see this in the photo below from our old rental duplex, look at the black corner in front of the fire place. We didn't exactly take lots of photos before Ava was born.

Currently, they are all three hung from the ceiling to create a 'wall' between where our huge white fridge is in the kitchen and where it opens to the dining area. I didn't want to close off the kitchen but putting a wall there and these are the perfect solution. 

They are weathered. I was attempting to strip them, because the wood looks great underneath still - even though they are over a Century old. However, it was too much work and I kind of liked where they were at and the contrast of different colors so up they went. 

How To
There isn't a lot of how to except that we used 's hooks' and 'threaded lag bolt eyelets' to connect them and attach them to the ceiling. We had to try out a few different size combinations to get a pairing that made the windows hang exactly from the ceiling to the floor with no space between the last window and the floor. 

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Are you doing anything cool with old windows?
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