Friday, February 5, 2010

Totally Unrelated things but worth mentioning - oh and more free things to download

1. Did I mention I am trying to post Monday to Friday - sometimes i'll miss and that's cool. Since I have about 20 people subscribing to my blog and 250 people have read it in the past week (can you believe that!)...I thought maybe it would be worth throwing it out there. Oh and if you are reading Thank You - really, not too sure what I am doing here yet. 

2. This Umbrella photo is beautiful and I think I am going to print it for our guest room. Download here from OhBrooke. (Found link via

3. I am having magazine frustration. All the magazines I loved have folded - Cottage Living, Jane, Cookie, Domino. Grrrr and I can't find a new one! If anyone can help with ideas, please do! Sometimes I pick up Dwell and Real Simple but they are just missing so many important elements! Are magazines dying with the papers?

4. More download and print Valentines! Free Vintage Valentines - Just print and cut - so cute! (I posted several other free Valentine downloads here.)

5. Free download and print Valentines to give to adults! I am going to print these for my co-workers - but I want to give everyone the fighting birds! (I posted several other free Valentine downloads here.)

6. We have a few small projects going on this weekend that hopefully will get my goals of starting to post my crafts and our home photos to the blog underway. We have made so many major changes to our 1957 Ranch House, including gutting the bathroom and kitchen and completely re-building them and turning a one car garage into a master bedroom. (Don't worry the bathroom and kitchen were vintage in a very bad way.)

7. I have been thinking about the goals of the blog, admittedly it is a little more work than I imagined coming up with things to post each day! A big part of the reason why I wanted to write the blog was to create accountability for myself to be creative. I also want to look for, share, and keep track of creative things. Finally, I want to record and celebrate life. Hopefully, I can figure out how to pull those elements together and allow myself also to be a little more transparent. My favorite bloggers are so transparent, but in a really good way.

Have anything totally unrelated you want to share? This is the place!
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