Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Cards - free printable downloads and recycled crayons.

So tell me why would I cut my own cards out with my brand new fancy cutting machine when I could make more crayon shapes? I love crayon 'recycling' - even though it isn't really recycling for me because Ava is too little to have tons of broken crayons. I made some huge stars and summer shapes for her birthday gift bags last summer. Tonight I made these for Ava's class and they took no time at all. The cards are free to print out from

How to Recycle Crayons - Just break up and peel some bright crayons, put a layer or two in a mini shape pan that can go in the oven, push the light colored ones to the bottom, bake at about 300 till just melted, pull out carefully so you don't over-mix the colors, allow them to cool to being stiff, then pop the pan in the freezer, when cold you can just dump them out. 

Other (very cool so definitely click them) Options for Free Printable Valentines:

The 2010 Secret Agent Josephine's Printable Cards HERE (I love this blog)
30! printable Valentines from TheLongThread -
Some repeats from the link above but other ones too over at HERE

Planning any fun Valentines?

***Update 2/5***
More Free Valentines in this post, including some for adults! -
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