Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest & me

My husband and some of my friends openly make fun of me for my number of Pinterest pins but eh, what do they know. I have never been able to watch TV without doing something else so Pinterest is just perfect for me. I can sit with my iPad and collect ideas. I do almost everything worth doing that I pin and if there was a way to easily clean up your boards my page would be a place of beauty. For now I have a few 'under construction' boards that I might move and some things i'd delete if it didn't take so much darn time to do so. I use Pinterest as a resource for teaching, cooking and diy daily. Basically,  IMO it's the best thing since Starbucks.

Anyway, I do know that you know all about it. The long story there was to 1. avoid embarrassment by saying I know that 4,894 pins is more than the average user has and 2. to brag that I have 1,069 followers! Sheesh if I could just roll that over here to the blog think of the fun. Truly, I get a steady little amount of traffic at nestbliss but it is really fun to pin things on Pinterest and watch that constant social interaction happen when someone else repins, likes, comments or starts following you because they liked a board you put together. It's probably what I always wanted to happen here and the blog just never jumped over that hump where I have lots of interactive readers. I write on my blog because its fun to create an anthology of my life & to write articles about cool stuff but it must be extremely fun for the 'big' bloggers who post and within seconds have comments piling in - it's really a conversation. What a reward that i'm glad to have my little Pinterest piece of.

All that to say come over to Pinterest and join my party!

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