Tuesday, October 9, 2012

oh yeah i own a preschool

Well through a long chain of events I co-own a school, just a preschool right now but we have BIG ideas. Co-own with the best, coolest partner ever & we have some awesome (way over-educated) teacher moms that work with us as well. Through an at times intense summer of super hard work we started the school year in an amazing huge old house with hardwood floors, gardens, and porches the size of classrooms. We have a pair of chickens running around and a monster airplane see-saw that 7 children at a time can ride on. Our kids ages 2 to 5 rotate 'classes' all day and take turns in Italian, Yoga, Art & Nature Studio (my class, like the fancy name?), English, Math, Gardening, Music, Sensory experiences & ample blocks of open play. We have gorgeous hand carved wooden dishes in our play kitchen and tons of laughter filling our hallways - life at school is very good. Seeing my own children gathered around our little school's kitchen table cooking with friends and other parents (we are cooperative) is amazing and still highly surreal. I have thought about blogging about school plenty of times but because my blog gets some kind of random traffic and I want to protect the privacy of our families I have been hesitant and really just too busy to even stop and post a little blurb!

I'll give you a little view of our front porch though. These days we eat meals and snacks whole school, family style with our blue picnic tables lined up end to end. My husband built these and 1,000 other things for us this summer & we are already in need of more! Life is full. The ability to bring to life your dreams and imaginations is a superb reality.

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