Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pioneer, Little House on the Prairie First Birthday Party

Well, about seven months ago Lilly turned one ;) We had a super party and I never blogged about it. I have been feeling nostalgic lately about Lilly and how she really is still a baby at 19 months old but she won't be for long! Such a personality and almost 'chatty' now at home, she even sometimes waves at people in public now (against her very nature). We had the party at my husband's parents house and it really was the perfect setting for the 'theme'. I try not to go hugely overboard on a birthday theme but this one was a little easier since we had so much stuff that could work already and anything I made could be used over and over since it was so neutral. Ava and I have been loving the My First Little House books and I think that inspired the theme a bit. First birthdays are just all about family and some sweet decorations for the photos in my mind ;) We have traveled home for each of our girl's first birthdays and have had about 40 people at each one, they end up almost being a family reunion. It's not pictured here but there was a HUGE amount of food served at the party.

Huge carrot cake with fresh flowers and a naughty big sister who snuck in and put her fingers in the cake. It was pretty easy to fix though. I still can't believe she did that.

Some antique napkins ironed in half and hung over twine. 

Main Table: Prairie Lincoln Logs that we already had, plus a few little wagons made by my husband from clearance craft kits from Michael's, some little baby food jars with fabric tied around them, and a burlap runner. This table came out so cute and we have used everything on it in lots of other ways since the party. 

The sign in sheet scrap book pages. I've never done anything with them but I have made and put out sign in sheets for all the girl's parties by some miracle! One day I'm sure they will all turn into something really adorable. 

Lilly was just walking ;)

Me and the girls - oh we are going to be a gossipy group one day ;) 

The banner I made hanging over the door was my favorite party decoration. It was sewn to some yellow ribbon and crocheted lace with burlap and vintage napkin pennants. 

We clipped a painters drop cloth to the wagon = instant covered wagon rides. I made that bonnet! It is hanging in her room. I love having it around as a special memory. I have a few little things from Ava's first birthday too. 

Ugh such a gorgeous, creamy, chubby baby! Perfection. I honestly can't believe she's mine some days ;) 

My father in law and sister in law painted this adorable lady bug tire swing. It is so much fun, I bet my girls and nieces will remember this ladybug tire swing as adults. 

Lilly now at 19 months old - adorable and so herself. She's going to run a small country someday or be the scariest boss you have ever had ;) 

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