Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Dog - A BIG Dog

I've never had a real 'family' dog. We had some dogs growing up but the kind that got kicked out to the yard when they were too much of a hassle to have around and quickly became the irritating 'yard dog' that brought little joy but pooped all over our play areas and still had to be fed and taken to the vet. I've never had that kind of loved pet that you would consider a family member.

I feel the need to confess that I have had a family cat, well three, oh four! - one we just rescued, kept for a few months and gave away before we moved, the next was extremely, off her rocker, crazy and had to go to the humane society (Martha). Our beloved cat (Roy) was fantastic for about four years until his baby sister cat (Betty) got out and never came back (she was my favorite pet ever) then he turned mean and aggressive and became by his choice an outside cat and well that ended badly. So after all that and having kids we've been on a three year pet hiatus. Then all of the sudden out of almost nowhere we adopted a dog last Sunday. I'd say our marriage has been pretty defined by these kinds of spur of the moment decisions ;) Ya know you have to live a little, shake it up I guess. I bet our family and friends think we just talk about all of our big choices privately and then just drop them on everyone else but i'd say we make most choices within 24hours and I usually make them in seconds. If we really have to mull it over it usually doesn't happen. We waited 5 years to have kids after getting married and the month before we decided to get pregnant with Ava we hadn't ever really even talked about when we would have kids and then just like that I was pregnant, same pattern with so many things.

Oh and not just a dog - a half Weimariner, half chocolate lab, a "Labmariner"... a really big dog! Well right now she's probably about 6lbs but soon enough she'll be huge.

Currently, we are deep in the throws of house breaking her, crate training and starting to teach her some basic skills like don't chew on the babies hands or butt no matter how hard she pulls your tail... so I have to say even though she's just the cutest thing ever, ever. She's a little intense. In fact I would say she makes me nervous - most likely because anytime she's out I am on 100% potty patrol, watching her like a hawk. The slightest squatting motion and a I drop everything, grab her leash and potty treats and run her out to her 'zone' as fast as I can. I am so the crazy dog training lady. I've never potty trained a puppy before but I have potty trained a two year old and it is done in a very similar fashion. I'm hopeful that with time and lots of hard work training her and giving her attention she'll turn into a beloved family member and a nice house mate. Much my same hope for my children ;)

She has already though made a life-long best friend in Ava. I really believe Ava truly loves her. I hope I love her like that one day too!

Oh and her name is Bella ;)
Check out my Pinterest board for all cool dog things - I love the shampoo I made her.
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