Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Tested Recipes & Tips

Well I have about a million things I could write about, but for some reason the things I want to document get lost  - like Christmas decorating or millions of fun moments with my clever children who are growing like weeds!

I have been working all of the past year on getting us down to 6 dinners a week at home. I relieve myself by doing at least one pizza every week with leftover meats and veggies and there is also typically one breakfast supper night ;) I work a lot off my Pinterest board and my list. I make new things every week which makes creating the list so time consuming! But we aren't eating pasta or random meat every night so I think it's worth it. Here are some of my very favorite tested recipes from Pinterest. I have had some really bad experiences with Pinterest recipes - just because someone can take a good photo doesn't mean their recipe is going to turn out well, so hopefully this is helpful!

Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas recipe and image via
Notes: I didn't use the Chipotle peppers and it still had tons of flavor. Also, I had never cooked pork shoulder blade before but it was cheap and great. I made double the recipe and froze the leftover meat for something else. 

Notes: Excellent and so fast! I took my sausage out of the casing so it was basically ground, I also only used a bit, back to my trying to just focus on meat for flavor several nights a week. Kale is so good for your body, we are trying to make sure we get a green leafy veggie in everyday. 

Notes: My only comment is just to not make too much of this because it doesn't last past they day you made it once the dressing is on and the avocados are in. 

Notes: Don't stack your layers, you want each piece nice and crispy on top. Also don't forget the powdered sugar topping!

Notes: This is still pretty runny for me with just being in the fridge. We just put a can of coconut milk in our fridge when we buy it and then when we're ready to use it I open it and stir in some sugar and freeze it open for an hour. Then we eat it with cold fruit - easy!

Notes: I have made this four times and every time it's been great. Those crispy, broiled herbs are a key factor so don't try to skip those and go with dried herbs. This is excellent with crusty bread and olive oil, herb dipping sauce.

Notes: I pretty much wing it on the chicken salad part now. These are a staple in our house and we have them with sweet potatoes oven fries. 

Do you have a favorite Pinterest recipe? Tell me please! 

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