Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A New Helper Tower and Metal Cafe Chairs - eek!

We have been crafting, building and doing kids projects by the truckload at our house. I think we are in serious withdrawals from the constant work of re-habbing our old 1950's house which is still in escrow or 'house purgatory' as we like to call it. I regret a thing or two about buying our old house, but I always loved working on it - repainting the walls over and over, ripping up all the flooring, cabinets on and on. I think though we've found the fix while we're renting in building projects. Ana White is brilliant and her free woodworking plans are awesome and easy and we are flying through them, I think up to seven now! 

I have always wanted a helper tower for the girls and now thanks to Ana and $15 we have one ;) I do all the finishing and Joe does all the wood cutting etc. and this is just finished with some sample satin orange paint with polyurethane on top. 

Lilly really likes it the most. 

Oh and for the longest time I wanted some metal cafe chairs and I finally bought these from Overstock.com. They had super reviews but I just couldn't imagine that they would be great for $50 each but they are awesome! Substantial, stack-able and both retro and modern at the same time. I can't imagine them not working for us somewhere no matter what our next home set up is like. Now of course I want another set of four in red so I can use both sets and host an outdoor dinner like Nie Nie

We sold our black hutch on Craigslist and put up some Ikea kitchen bars and shelf over the girl's little table. The little bins above it have napkins, silverware, small straws and cloth placemats so Ava can set her place at whatever table we are eating at. She really likes the process. We try to sneak in some Montessori style where we can ;) Oh and the clips for hanging the artwork are also from Ikea, they are curtain clips that fit the $1.99 kitchen bars perfectly.

These are my awesome set of chapatti rolling pins Joe gave me for my birthday. I just used long galvanized nails to hang them.

Ah having a little space to eat in the kitchen is so nice! Our other dining space is all carpeted and it was becoming such a stress with Lilly to eat there three times a day! 

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