Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY light table

Well I really do actually do many of the millions of things I pin on Pinterest and we finally made a real light table!

I asked just about everyone I know who has done this for tips and looked at every blog post about it ever before I spent the $30 on it. Ours is one clear plastic under the bed storage box with plastic frosting spray from Lowe's sprayed very lightly in one coat (more and it will peel) in the main bin. Two florescent bar lights ($10 each bulb included) in the lid and some foil on the bottom to increase the reflection of the light in the box. It works super!

Ah ha ha this is Ava's 'I am so stressed Lilly is playing with this' stance.

You can make pictures. 

You can put a sensory box on it or just a dish with some rice like we did here. Think rice, liquids, paint, etc.

These are our first materials all from the dollar tree - clear airplanes, colored linking shapes, jewels, clear straws cut in different lengths.

This is just the sort of thing I love to do with the girl's. It is easy, appeals to both of them (11 months and 3), and is high on the exploratory open-ended play scale. There are hundreds of ways to play with this. I get really happy when something this easy gets so popular on the internet because there is an amazing sharing of 'mom ideas' and I love that!

Here are some links -
- Put a mirror behind it or make a mosaic -
- Color play with colored translucent objects, discs, wands, etc.
- Play at home mom really has the most activities posted. I really like her painting on plexi idea, liquid color mixing and the colored bubbles activities -
- You can also buy x-rays and put them on the table or those cool water beads (I just ordered about a million of them here on eBay for $6 shipped) the possibilities are endless!

Next up for us playing with the black light I bought! Check out Play At Home's links for black lights!
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