Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Hope your 4th was as much fun as ours was! We actually celebrate on the 3rd of July because of my husband's work schedule. Which in Atlanta is brilliant because there are tons of fireworks on the 3rd. We then spent the week following in Florida with my family. I am realizing when looking through the photos from this summer how random they are. It is so much harder to take photos of everything while chasing around two kids!

Me, my brother and his new girlfriend (we like her). But how much will she like me posting photos of her in a bathing suit on my blog, hmm. 

Lilly and Gransheila. Lilly is getting cuter by the second.

Me after a long night the night before. 

Ava and Uncle Christopher

Lilly relaxing at my grandparent's motor home.

The whole crew - on the night of our 8th wedding anniversary by the way.

Waiting for fireworks to start at Stone Mountain.

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