Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lilly's First Beach Trip - The Panhandle beaches are still beautiful

We visited my husband's parents this month and spent some time on Orange Beach in Alabama which is very near to Pensacola, Florida and along the path of the big oil spill. The beach was absolutely beautiful. It seems that for all the trouble they had figuring out how to stop the oil they haven't had any trouble figuring out how to clean it up.  After we moved away from home 8 years ago the thing I miss the most is the dreamy Florida Panhandle beaches with big sand dunes and sugary white sand that your feet sink into - heaven. 

Some shots from Lilly's first Beach Day

My swimsuit is hot. I know. Who is this a good picture of? I don't know.

Lilly was unimpressed. 

Ava was in awe. 

Lilly was tortured.

Ava was in sandcastle heaven.

Lilly tried really hard not to laugh. 

Ava tried really hard to run straight into the ocean as fast as she could without anyone stopping her. 
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