Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Career and a Tinker Bell Birthday

Well, hopefully not really my new career. Even though I was a pretty exciting Tinker Bell for my niece's third birthday in February.

 My only real character act was pretending to fly around the house and chase the girls and scream. I did this in front of my husband's entire family in a dress that I bought about 15lbs ago. But the kids loved it so much that I only had slight feelings of 'what the hell was I thinking' when it was over. Here the girls are all hiding from me - SO cute.
 The finished cake made by my sister in law.

The cake in process

Oh yes there was a Cricut banner. 

 Do you like my Tinker Bell rub-on tattoo? I feel the need to say here that I don't have a real tattoo. 

Yummy little three month old. Lilly is twice as old now!
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