Friday, April 15, 2011

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I really love my iPhone and here is a simple list of my favorite apps. If you have some apps you love will you leave them in the comments? Finding a good new app is awesome. My hands down favorite app is Pulse - it's like having an entire newspaper or magazine written completely for you.

The Basics - Google and Facebook

Useful - Birthdays, WeatherBug, iHandy Level, WebMD, Translate (a Google app)

Taking Care of Kids - Baby Hub, Craft Finder (a Disney app)

Maps - MapQuest, Have2P, GPS Drive (I use this as a backup to my regular GPS), Point Inside (malls, airports, etc.)

Fun - Ghost Radar (has totally freaked me out twice, has also been called "random word generator"  by one of my favorite people - so you be the judge), Fortune Ball (a good way to make really important decisions), Words with Friends (I was really addicted to this for about three weeks then totally over it)

Food - Urban Spoon, AllRecipes Pro (probably the reason I bought my iPhone), ithermometer (gives you temps for meat)

Music - Shazam, Pandora, BingMusic - Top 100's by Year

Shopping - Ebay (super app), RedLaser, Amazon, Craigsphone

Photos - Hipstamatic, Qik Video Pro, Instagram, Photogene, Flickr (only because I use Flickr otherwise just so, so)

News - Pulse, This American Life (if you don't know what this is you NEED to know)

Also, I just started getting into them but the Audubon apps are excellent there are state and regional wildlife guides. They are expensive but this month the Audubon Owls app is free!

All of the Martha Stewart Apps are good as well. I just downloaded Egg Dying 101 for Easter and it is great.

There are excellent space apps by NASA and others but I haven't downloaded anything yet - do you have any suggestions?

I also have 48 apps on my phone for Ava to play but we won't even go there...

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