Tuesday, April 12, 2011

losing the baby weight

Lilly 5 months old - she was worth it ;)

After my first baby, Ava, I waited until she was about 11 months old to start thinking about weight loss. I was eating decently and working full-time but I just hit a plateau somewhere around the 4th or 5th month mark. Things gradually tone back up for a whole year but truthfully for most people there are roughly 10 to 20lbs that you have to work off yourself. I would also add that I was surprised both times at how easy it is to put on weight after you have a baby. All that sitting and rocking I suppose.

Being super thin isn't important to me. Being healthy is very important to me. The other thing that is equally important is fitting into my pre-baby clothes! I still can't wear some of my jeans and Lilly is 5 1/2 months old and it is SO sad!

With Ava I did Weight Watchers with a really good friend. The meetings, online, phone app and the really effective plan were perfect for me. I am terrible with restricting foods from my diet so eating anything I wanted but just limiting and balancing was easy. I basically just ate a super light breakfast, lunch, lots of 'zero or one point' snacks (popcorn, veggies, certain cheese sticks and even hot dogs) and then one portion of anything I wanted for dinner usually followed by a low point dessert. I lost all of the extra weight and then some in about three months this way.

This time around I am much more focused on organic and 'real' foods. I would really like to take what I learned about food and portions from Weight Watchers and make my own plan. So here it is -

1. Move more. Track 10,000 steps a day using a pedometer. Amazon's choices are pretty amazing and you can also use your iPhone.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Some options include really healthy oats with nuts and fruits or low fat organic yogurt and cottage cheese with fruits, flax, nuts, etc.
3. Eat either a very light lunch or dinner.
4. Portion control at the meal where I eat whatever I want.
5. Finding more light options for dessert that aren't 'diet' pre-packaged foods.

That's it. I am not sure if the lack of structure is workable or not. I know my body has to hit a certain point of consistency to really start to shed weight.
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