Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Girls

Lilly is turning 6 months old in a week and Ava is two. They are already so different. It will be so interesting to see their little personalities develop and contrast.

Lilly is such a lover, so sweet and so affectionate. She is extremely laid back and loves to play with toys. She has big eyes and huge long eyelashes like her sister but much more hair than Ava had even when she was one. Lilly has my light skin tone and her daddy's beard gives her red bumps on her cheeks if he kisses her a whole bunch - but since she thinks it is hilarious he does it anyway.  Cracking up laughing is her most popular trick around the house. Lilly is really close to sitting on her own and she tries really hard to sit up. She adores food, possibly more than any baby I have seen and she can already polish off an entire jar of stage 1 food - which in 'non-baby' speak is a whole lot! Lilly hardly ever cries and everyone notices and comments on it. Probably her love for food combined with the fact that she is weighs 17lbs now helps her sleep so well for naps and at night. Everyone in the house calls her 'the lilla billa' or just 'lilla' for short.

Ava is blossoming into a remarkable little person. She is really funny and her language skills are quite impressive and almost flawless. Ava is absolutely the girliest tom boy I know. She likes to dress up and play with dolls but she prefers throwing sand and running in the sprinkler. She is such a daredevil and must be watched like a hawk. Almost every night after dinner I push her on the swing outside and she screams for me to swing her 'higher, all the way to the sky' while I swing her so high it would probably make your stomach turn to watch her. She has her 'two' moments but she is mostly extremely agreeable and reasonable. Ava will eat anything and will pass up cheese crackers for a bag of whole kalamata olives. Her eyes have changed from blue to the same green as mine and she has her daddy's olive skin. These days we still call her 'Ava Mava' but mostly the shorter versions 'the mave' and 'Ave'.

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