Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter or How to Look Like a Super Chef

So we have been planning for a while to do something special for Easter this year. I must be having withdrawals from the crazy big Easter egg hunt I planned last year at work. And in case you haven't seen the TV ads Easter is the new Christmas. We have invited over a whole bunch of friends and we are hosting an egg hunt and a potluck lunch the Saturday before Easter. Somehow I lost track of an entire week and I just realized today that our big Easter party is in less than two weeks!

Here is basically what I have planned -
1. Everyone with a child that is hunting for eggs is bringing 24 plastic eggs with at least half stuffed with something other than candy.
2. I am planning on cooking a big ham and this recipe looks good. I especially like the commenter that said this recipe "will make you look like a super chef" - I am sold. I will also make bread and cookies. Everyone else is bringing the rest!
3. We are working on an Easter tree. Ava and I already made a bunch of ornaments for it now I just have to actually make the tree. I will definitely post the finished project asap because I vowed on Facebook to blog everyday for the next 14 days. So far it is turning out really cool! This easter tree is adorable! This one is very fun but I wish she would have posted what the base looks like.

4. I am going to try really hard to make these bunny cupcakes. I have been perfecting this cookie recipe and I really don't love decorating a million cookies so these seem actually a little more fun. Maybe my sister-in-law will come save me and help decorate the actual cupcake parts ;)

5. There are so many fun things to print out for Easter. Like these baskets or these eggs and bunnies or bunny straw covers or an entire party or don't forget vintage printables here is a really good roundup.

6. I want to make the tables look really cute with minimal fussiness. I really like the idea of entertaining more than the actual act of it. I almost always end up with big stacks of plates in the kitchen where you serve your self and then go find somewhere comfortable to sit. These egg votives are really cool. Probably some egg votives and tulips in milk glass and a spring table cloth will do.
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