Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Tree and Easy Egg Votives All Done!

Things are coming together for the Easter party this Saturday. This post is a follow up to this one from earlier in the week. 

These easy egg votives (inspiration from Martha,) are all ready for the adult tables. I used a Dremel to drill a hole in each egg (you could also use a safety pin to start the hole) and then scissors to make small cuts to allow me to break away the amount of shell I wanted. I dyed them with a dollar store kit. I removed the votives from their metal cups. I put a piece of tape on the bottom of each candle to hold the wick in place. Then I hot-glued ribbon around each metal cup and put it all together. Can't wait to see them on the table. 

This Easter tree is arguably the silliest craft I have ever made. It is pretty fun though. Ava loves it. Hopefully we will get to make some more ornaments for it before the party or maybe some leaves like the one from Bird's Party. It is just a branch lightly spray painted pink stuck in some floral foam in a bucket. 

Ava's favorite part is the pom-pom ball baby chick peeping out of the real egg shell.

My favorite part are the bird ornaments we made a few weeks ago. I printed this template on watercolor paper that I cut down to fit in my printer. I just gave Ava a watercolor palette and let her go to work and they came out so pretty. 

We had these wooden eggs for a while in an Easter craft kit from PBK. We painted and dipped them and just had fun with them. 

Oh and this is what the branch looked like before the transformation to holiday weirdness.

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