Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Re-Cap

We had such a beautiful Easter Party! In big part to my husband and my sister-in-law who stayed up with me working till 1am the night before. I will never figure out how I can spend two months planning something and end up doing 75% of the work the night before. I was doing this in high school, college and even at work! It isn't procrastination, it is probably more about being unrealistic with what I have time to pull off without being up all night. Ah well.

This runner is from Williams of Sonoma (found on clearance a few years ago). 


Centerpieces are milk glass vases filled with tulips and Gerber daisies. 

I didn't exactly finish this runner before the party. It isn't lined and the bias tape didn't make it to the edges. But actually it still looked great on the table. 

These cupcakes are copies of these. I used gel icing tubes to decorate the cookies. 

Napkin Rings made by my sister in law; tutorial here

They have carrot napkin packets ;)

So excited about the egg hunt! We must have done a good job with the build up. 

There was a cricut banner, by my sister in law again. For some reason you can't see any of the cute ribbons or flowers in the photo but they are there!

Oh these girls!

And the ham was delicious!
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