Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newborn Photo Shoot

I was looking through my draft posts and found this one! This is a newborn photo shoot that BlueRayne Photography took at our old house in Florida when Lilly was 10 days old (about 4 months ago). I think they turned out perfect! It was also nice to have some photos of our family taken in our house taken right before we moved. I love having photos taken at home. It is so much easier on everyone and you capture a memory of your home. 

Here are two where Jessica owner of BlueRayne and I were trying out some things and they turned out a tad awkward but still cute and they make me laugh because Lilly was so annoyed and we were trying so hard to be Anne Geddes. 

Her eyes just happened to close here - she didn't fall asleep in the basket! We also had her naked in the basket and I couldn't keep her legs closed and she peed on the blanket...

I tried really, really hard to keep her all tucked up but not happening.

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