Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eating Better

One of my personal goals this year was to eat better. Not necessarily better as in lower calories even though that would be good. But better by cooking with higher quality ingredients, foods that have less processing, making more staples like breads, stocks, etc. myself and eating meals with more variety. I basically just make a menu list every week with a mix of very easy and more complex recipes so I have a couple of challenges and then a few nights where the whole process takes less than 30 mins. 

I have been slowly working up to a perfect week shopping trip and I think I have finally figured out the right mix for us. This is what a weekly shopping trip looks like now!

 Thanks to the most awesome market ever (Dekalb Farmers Market in Atlanta) my whole load here was just over $100

New spices, wheat germ, apple butter, fresh almond butter

Fresh pasta and a great bag of sweet peppers

Nori, cheeses, salmon for sushi, lots of trail mix ingredients, meats, shrimp, breads

And a happy little eater with this Greek salad (we have made it twice in less than two weeks very good!)
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