Wednesday, February 23, 2011

worth sharing 2

Imogene's Antlers  
Imogene's Antlers and these free downloadable paper dolls would be the sweetest gift for a little girl. (Thanks Design Mom and Silly Eagle Books for the idea!)

You should check out Silly Eagle Books because you will really like her! (or I do anyway)

Ava is going to LOVE tracing animal projections - we have been working on the idea of tracing and she is figuring it out - such a smart girl. 

The word from the boss is that we are headed toward a Go Diego Go third birthday party this summer (ugh) so I have been looking for some cute ideas but finding nothing - I am thinking maybe I will just make Ava a rescue pack, have a Diego cake and then just do lots of girly orange and blue. Seriously why can't she just want a cat party like this one - I NEED to make those little cat carrier party favors.

Shop for earrings and this doll and especially this singing bird in a cage at DarlyBird. How cute would an easter basket with things from DarlyBird be?! 

I want to stencil an accent wall with something from here!

Good people SWEAR by the CeraVe line of skincare and it is really affordable. The ladies I know that use it talk about it as if it were a religion. My moisturizer is almost out and I think I am going to pick some up. I love the title of the most popular review of it on Amazon: "more effective than steroids, immune suppressants, or light treatments" ... like a religion.

Finally, I haven't tried it yet but I really needed this advice for removing white heat marks from furniture

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