Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Cricut Banner for the Girl's Room - seriously cute!

I have a new love for my Cricut because of the 'Once Upon a Princess' Cartridge (which I purchased for $16 on eBay). It  cuts hundreds of things including dolls, desserts, lots of clothes for the dolls and pop-up castles. I have done several really cute things with it and here is the first to share! This is hanging in the girl's new room which I will post photos of asap because it is really darling and has the sweetest feeling I think. Ava and I had worked on this together (she stuck the pieces on and then I fixed them) so she really thinks it is neat.

 L - R : Cowgirl (Ava's fav), Princess, Girl Cooking
L - R: Mermaid, Fairy, Swimsuit / Birthday / Umbrella Girl (my fav)

Cricut Tips for the 'Once Upon a Princess Cartridge' - Use double sided paper so you can cut multiple expressions without changing paper. Don't get hung up on using all the pieces to each layer just mix and match - for example on the girl's here I only used the mouths that cut once the other's just have left over pieces. My girl's are 5 inches any smaller than that and I don't think that they would have worked. When making the dolls you can put a small piece of any color paper behind their eyes to make them the color you want because there isn't an option for cutting them out otherwise.

For some reason some of my most popular posts revolve around these non-traditional Cricut ideas and you can find more Cricut Ideas at this link.

Which dress-up girl is your fav ?
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