Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Move and Our New "Home"

Ava had a tough time watching her stuff get loaded up and was confused and tired and mostly frustrated that she had to stay in one area all day.
 Her comments were so pitiful.
"My slide and my bike are sad because they are going away" 
"I just want this house"
"My home is cozy"
"Why is my tree gone"

Well, until of course our neighbor gave her a cookie and I told her we were going to see my grandparent's dog. Cookies and pets are magical that way ;)

And the new place - 

Well from 27th to the 7th anyway. Nice right? Nicer yet with everything the movers wouldn't take like paint, plants and cleaning supplies. Along with everything the four of us would need and lots of Christmas presents. We have even had a little Christmas gift exchange with my grandparents here! 

It does at least have a living room and a bedroom. Some people call it 'temporary corporate housing' but I like to call it a hotel room with a sitting area... 

Happy New Year !

p.s. The first photo of the hotel room is of the messiest area and doesn't represent the living space as a whole (I wish) 

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