Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting There and some baby and toddler travel gear

So we will be in "hotel home" as Ava affectionately calls it until Tuesday unless this snow causes a moving delay. First, let me say that it is free, has a separate large bedroom and flat screen TV's in both rooms. There is a great free breakfast everyday and of course we get our room cleaned and beds made. It is getting kind of old though. Mostly I feel like I don't have much to do and getting the girls down the elevator with all their stuff is kind of a hassle. I am also still 'coming down' from a very intense job and so some days are feeling slow but not in a bad way, just different.

Photo: Ava and her new bff Jack at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

We still manage to get out almost everyday while Joe works. I am getting pretty awesome at toting the girls around the city by myself. I do have some great gear though like the Baby Jogger City Mini  double stroller and an ERGO baby carrier with this infant insert. I use either the ERGO insert or the Snuggin Go to make the Baby Jogger appropriate for a two month old. I also have a good sling and diaper bag with stroller clips. The JJ Cole Bundle Me Lite  is saving our life in the cold weather. It isn't practical or safe to dress small infants in tons of heavy clothes so the bundle me light will keep the wind and rain off of them when you are running to and from the car.  The other thing I have needed is a warm jacket for me that is somewhat waterproof that has a hood because I can't manage an umbrella with both girls by myself.

Photo: Lilly in the baby jogger using the Ergo insert for support

I was a little worried it would take me a long time to feel comfortable enough to get out on the kinds of trips I would make with just Ava but I already feel just as confident taking them both out as I did just taking Ava. That probably says as much about how good of a baby Lilly is as anything else. She can go several days without ever crying. SERIOUSLY. When she does cry it is more of a fretting. She also eats every four hours during the day and goes a 9 hour stretch each night without eating during her... wait for it... 12 hour night time sleeping stretch.

Photo: Of course some days we just stay in and lay around ;) This is Ava's hair in its natural state. 

Is there anything kid or baby travel gear item that you can't live without? I really want to know I might need one! ;)
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