Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gallery Wall Inspiration

First, the snow did cause a delay. Fingers crossed we'll be able to move in on Friday.

So I am using my copious amounts of hotel time to work on plans for perfecting my gallery wall. I blogged about the old space here before we replaced the TV and stand. Since we are renting I have a great opportunity to put time into things like framing our art collections and photos in a really great way. I hope to be blogging a lot this year about the projects I have planned for the rental house, which will all be things we can take with us. Here are some great photos of gallery walls I am using for inspiration.

(via pottery barn)

(via - this is what my dream house living room feels like)

When I saved these from Google images it was for personal use and I didn't save all of the links - so if I have used your image please let me know and I will credit it properly!
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