Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finding Great Inexpensive Jewelry Online

Well, it has been two weeks in the new house and we are pretty much moved in. I will post a whole week of  new space pictures soon! In the meantime I have been helping several of my friends lately with finding some things online and I thought that the advice might as well make it here too.

This week my awesome friend Naomi asked me for some help finding some great pendants. These links will focus on pendants but really you could apply this advice to any jewelry item you wanted. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

 First, these are the two main ways I search for jewelry online:

Select the type of jewelry you are looking for and sort time ending soonest or lowest price first. Look quickly!
Here is a gorgeous 1920's Sterling Silver Art Deco Necklace with a blue stone currently at $42.00. I love antique jewelry.

2. Etsy
Use a 'category search' for jewelry, a refinement like 'pendants' and then sort price 'low to high'. Skip the first couple pages and then you will find some great deals. The better things start on page 30 or so when you are under the necklace category.

Photo: This little stamp necklace is only $1 and it includes the chain. What a sweet valentines present! Sold here

Some of my favorite stores are :

Fleur Bleue on Ebay has some funky things that are really reasonable - 

I am DYING for some of this jewelry. They make pieces for little girls too!

Crush Jewels
They have the sweetest things.


Hands down, Sorrelli is my most complimented jewelry. Very sparkly gorgeous heirloom quality pieces. Exactly what jewelry should be.
Go to 'sale' click a category then search 'low to high' and you can find some solidly good deals. The images online do not do their pieces justice.

If you ever have a problem with a Sorrelli item you simply ship them the piece and they fix it for free and mail it back to you!

Treasured Finds

This used to be my 'go to' source fore jewelry. However, their prices have gone up quite a bit. For example my husband purchased this bracelet for me from them a couple of years ago for over $30 less than you can buy it for now. However, they still carry beautiful hand made items that you can't find anywhere and this bracelet is a great example of that.

The Silver Site
When this ebay store drops their listing pricing to .99cents the deals are insane! Right now they seem to have a lot of high starting prices and buy nows on their listings - still great deals. They list in sections so skip through all the natural stones to get to the really great silver pieces. (Naomi this is where I got you that awesome ring for so cheap!) This Lemon Topaz pendant for $16 and free shipping is great. They also have some beautiful Citrine rings right now. Check the measurements on the pieces too because they are very generously sized.

Do you have a favorite online jewelry store? Please share!
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