Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding a Little Freedom

First, my family is moving in 12 days to the Atlanta, Georgia area. About seven hours from where we live now and quite a big change for us since we have always lived in some part of Florida. We are excited and nervous which are refreshing feelings!

(Photo - Dec 2010 she has been smiling since 5 weeks old but this is the closest photo we have to a smile. Lilly gets very distracted by the camera)

We moved to South Florida from North Florida, seven hours away from our closest relatives, two days after we got married seven and a half years ago. It was quite a big risk. We didn't even have jobs when we moved and we both had some college to finish. It was so much fun though. Everything was new and different and the 'doors' were wide open. We had no debt, only one car, could live on very little money and had no expectations about the 'level' of our house, cars, clothing etc. Our first apartment was somewhere around 700 square feet and the rent was $500 a month.

(photo - Dec. 2010 at the Georgia Aquarium)

Fast forward seven years and we have a house, cars, bills, lots of stuff, careers, and my least favorite a "lifestyle." We are both turning thirty in a few months and well feeling a little 'old' and tied down for people who are STILL in thier late 20's. Our girls are still little and now is the perfect time, before they are in school, to experiment and try something new.

This is early for a 'New Years' post but my goal this year is to capture some of that feeling again that I had when we first got married. Moving to Atlanta is giant leap #1. We will be renting and working on simplifying, all with the goal of keeping the doors of life open. I don't know when I will start looking for a job again. I admit that I have been pretty spoiled by a great boss and lots of creative freedom and that will be hard to replace. No matter what though we are moving to a big city with lots of options, lots of people to meet and lots of new ideas and opportunities.

(photo - Thanksgiving Day 2010)

So cheers to 2011 and to turning 30 and to be unemployed for a little while (something I haven't been since I was 15 years old)!

p.s. In other news it is "the coldest winter in Atlanta in 100 years"...

p.s.s. I don't own one single sweater.
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